Lost Circulation Material

Ultra-Fiber is an environmentally safe and effective way of reducing seepage loss during drilling operations. High temperature stability and compatibility with water, synthetic, and
oil-based systems makes for an essential part of any drilling fluids system.

Ultra-Fiber Advantages:

Helps prevent differential sticking
Compatible in water, synthetic, and oil based mud systems
Helps to seal formation face, pore throats and micro-fractures
Environmentally Safe
Cellulose Fiber

Appearance/Odor : Tan/None
Bulk Density : 24 # per cubic ft.
Particle Size : .5 to 200 microns

Suggested Treatment and Packaging:

Ultra-Fiber has a recommended treatment of 2 to 6 ppb, depending on severity of seepage loss. When preparing to sweep, the pill loading recommendation is 10 to 20 pounds per barrel.

Ultra-Fiber is available in 25-pound sacks, 50 per pallet, shrink wrapped.