Drilling Lubricant

Ultra-Drill is an excellent lubricant used in the reduction of torque and drag in the application of extended reach horizontal drilling and coiled tubing. Makes for a dual functional system as a corrosion inhibitor and lubricant. Ultra-Drill lays down a thin, tenacious film on the metal surface of the tubular and casing string.

Ultra-Drill Advantages:

Friction Reducer
Corrosion Inhibitor
Non-Damaging to Formation
Environmentally Safe

Typical Physical Properties:

Appearance/Odor : Black Liquid/Pungent Odor
Boiling Point : > 392 F
Solubility : Dispersible in water

Suggested Treatment and Packaging:

Ultra-Drill has a recommended treatment of 1 to 2% by volume or at a rate of 55 gallons per 50 bbls of drilling fluid.

Note: It may be recommended that Ultra-Slide co-polymer beads be used in conjunction with Ultra-Drill to aid the lubrication characteristics of the drilling fluid.

Ultra-Drill is available in 55-gallon drums and in 550-gallon totes.