THINZ-FAST is a water base mud thinner with performance that parallels chrome products…yet it is chrome free. It is composed of a medium molecular weight polymer that has been co-polymerized to achieve phenomenal thinning performance.

Appearance Dark brown powder
Bulk density 36-lbs./cu. ft.
Moisture content 6% ± 1%
pH, 10% solution 3.5
Ignition point >260º C.
Solubility 100% water dispersible
Recommended use level 2 - 6 ppb


THINZ-FAST is formulated for all water base-drilling systems and specifically for those contaminated with calcium or chlorides. The broad range capability and thermal tolerance in excess of 300º F. allows THINZ-FAST to be used effectively in low pH salt mud, gyp mud and lime systems as a thinning agent in all water base systems regardless of contaminant–just like chrome lignosulfonate, and chrome tannins! In salt and gyp/salt contamination tests THINZ-FAST out performs most other chrome free products and has near equal performance with chrome lignosulfonate. Differential pipe sticking can be nearly eliminated in a balanced alkalinity low-lime system! Why? It prevents cuttings from degrading into a particle size distribution that promotes pipe sticking. THINZ-FAST is a perfect complement to this system and out performs most lime mud thinners–including chrome lignosulfonate. However, THINZ-FAST is also an excellent low pH thinner and is especially effective in salt systems up to saturation. THINZ-FAST represents new technology for organic thinned drilling fluids with lower cost and improved performance. With THINZ-FAST, you can drill in any environmental sensitive area with complete confidence regardless of the difficulty.

Exceptional Performance - Complete safety