Spotting Fluid

Spot Free is a three phase oil based spotting fluid formulated to free differentially stuck pipe and remain in the mud system as a lubricant. The lubricity of Spot Free is much higher than conventional spotting fluids and is chemically attracted to metal surfaces, forming a strong film that remains on the pipe even in dynamic circulating conditions.

Spot Free is available at densities up to 19#/gal. for spotting in heavy mud systems. The dynamic pipe freeing action of Spot Free is accomplished through a unique combination of environmentally safe chemical ingredients that rapidly penetrate between the pipe and the well bore to dehydrate, crack and remove the water based filter cake and lubricate the pipe with a tenacious film.

Differential sticking is primarily caused by thick wall cake build up from high fluid loss mud systems. Spot Free immediately invades and erodes water base wall cakes, thereby reducing torque and drag. By periodically past the stuck zone and working the pipe even with the slightest movement, Spot Free lubricates between the pipe and the hole quickly freeing the pipe. After the water based cake is eroded, Spot Free lays down a tough thin cake of itís own.

Spot Free is available in an economical diesel based formulation or an environmentally safe synthetic base for offshore applications. For offshore applications, we recommend keeping Spot Free on location in totes ready for your weight up.

Spot Free