Packer Fluid Inhibitor

Shellco-Pac is a Packer Fluid Inhibitor that is water soluble, oil insoluble corrosion inhibitor. This liquid product is specifically formulated to mitigate all aspects of corrosion, which potentially can occur in packer fluids in oil and gas wells.

Shellco-Pac Advantages:

Compatible in synthetic brine packer fluids
Compatible in produced water packer fluids
Prevents corrosion caused by CO2, H2S, Oxygen, and Brine Waters
Film forming amines

Suggested Treatment and Packaging:

Shellco-Pac has a recommended treatment of 10,000 ppm to 25,000 ppm, (55 gallons per 100 to 150 barrels), depending on the type of water used and the bottom hole temperature of the well.

Shellco-Pac : Available in 5-gallon pails, 32 to the pallet or 55-gallon steel drums.
Shell Pac