A low cost, environmentally friendly, high temperature filtrate loss control agent that beats the competition one-on-one and most definitely on a cost effective basis.


Appearance - Dark brown Powder
Bulk Density - 40-lbs./cu. ft.
pH, 10% solution - 9 0.3
Moisture Content - 7% 1%
Solubility, Water - 90 % Dispersible
Particle size - 98% <200 mesh
Ignition Point - > 260 C.

Master Bore is effective in most water base drilling fluids and is especially effective in salt or calcium contaminated systems. The product performs by micro sealing the wall cake to prevent filtrate migration to the formation.
Master Bore can be added directly to the system through the hopper. It will disperse immediately and act immediately.
The normal use level is 2 to 10 pounds per barrel depending on the degree of contamination and the solids content.
Master Bore can be used on and off shore with complete environmental safety.
Master Bore provides a harder, thinner and more slippery wall cake for better tool clearance, reduced torque & drag and better formation integrity.
Master Bore