Treated Gilsonite

Gold Seal-TG is a premium high melt point grade of GilsoniteŽ treated with a surfactant to allow immediate dispersion in water.

Gold Seal-TG has been proven to minimize fluid loss in highly fractured shale formations and extremely high permeable sandstone formations.

Gold Seal-TG is enhanced with a superior water wetting surfactant designed for immediate dispersion in water that allows it to be easily mixed into drilling fluids in minimal time.

Gold Seal-TG gives maximum resistance to diesel and oil contamination.

Gold Seal-TG Advantages:

Diesel Tolerant
Shale Stabilizer
Excellent Lubricant
Thin, Tough Filter Cake
Environmentally Safe

Specific Gravity : 1.03 to 1.06
Appearance/Odor : Black Powder/No Odor
Solubility : Dispersible
PH : 9.1

Suggested Treatment and Packaging:

Gold Seal-TG has a recommended treatment of 4 to 6 pounds per barrel.
Available in 50-pound multi-walled paper bags, fifty bags per pallet, shrink-wrapped.

GilsoniteŽ is a registered trademark of American Gilsonite used for describing asphaltite.
Gold Seal-TG