Gilsonite Gel

Gold Seal-Gel is a liquid Gilsonite and other hydrocarbons suspended in the industries only patented, breakable, cross-linked gel carrier. The Gilsonite and other hydrocarbon solids seal the for Gold Seal-LG mation face and pore throats through particle size distribution in the drilling fluid forming a thin, tough, lubricious filter cake.

Gold Seal-Gel, in its uniform homogeneous form, prevents separation and settling of the additives prior to use and allows for easy measuring and introduction into the mud system.

Gold Seal-Gel has been proven to minimize fluid loss in highly fractured shale formations and highly permeable sandstone formations.

Gold Seal-Gel is enhanced with superior water wetting agents that allow it to be easily mixed into drilling fluids with a minimal amount of time.

Gold Seal-Gel is an excellent hole conditioner using the patented gel technology as a suspending agent to carry and distribute its make up of carbon, hydrocarbons and minerals that offer maximum particle size distribution and formation sealing ability.

Gold Seal-Gel Advantages:

User Friendly
No Separation or Settling
Shale Stabilizer
Excellent Lubricant
Thin, Tough Filter Cake
Environmentally Safe
Reduces HTHP Fluid loss
Borehole Stability

Specific Gravity : 1.02 to 1.06
Appearance/Odor : Black Liquid/No Odor
Solubility : Dispersible
pH : 8

Suggested Treatment and Packaging:

Gold Seal-Gel loading is recommended at 2% to 5% by volume of the drilling fluid.
Available in 550 gal. tote tanks.
Gold Seal-Gel