Gold Lube-Gel is a water base drilling fluid lubricant, sand sealer, fluid loss reduction agent and clay particle protector suspended in a gel.

Appearance Black Gel
Moisture content 60%
Ignition point >260 C.
Solubility 100% water dispersible
Recommended use level 2 - 4 Percent

Gold Lube-Gel is composed of natural occurring graphite that has been graded for particle size distribution. A typical analysis provides 90% minus mesh. Graphite has been used for years in the drilling fluid industry and has proven to be very effective.

However, powdered graphite and derivatives are difficult to work with in the field due to water insolubility and fine particle size. Blowing dust is a hazard and uncomfortable to handle. Gold Lube-Gel epitomizes the advantages of graphite and removes the disadvantages with a unique patented suspension agent that allows a higher concentration of solids than most liquid suspensions and little or no sagging.

Gold Lube-Gel is completely environmentally safe.
Activates immediately upon addition
Will not sheen, coalesce, pop up on the surface or react with any solvent
Reduces surface tension
Reduces torque and drag
Aids in reducing fluid loss
Enhances directional drilling operations and down hole motor friendly
Helps lubricate the drill bit and reduces differential sticking.


Packaged in 55 gal. drums or 550 gal. tote tanks for easier handling
Gold Lube-Gel