Divalex is a medium molecular weight polymer specifically formulated to reduce viscosity in water base drilling fluids that have divalent ion flocculation.


Appearance - Brown powder
Bulk density - 36-lbs./cu. ft.
Moisture content - 6%+1%
ph, 10% solution - 7
Ignition point - >260 C
Solubility - Solutions up to 50%


Divalention contaminants, such as lime and salt, are introduced to a drilling fluid to aid in inhibition, reduce the freezing point for gas hydrates, or encountered in the well bore while drilling. Their presence in a water base clay system causes the clay particles in the fluid to flocculate and creates an increase in viscosity.

A primary thinner for lime systems must be able to resist contamination and have elevated thermal tolerance. Divalex has a thermal tolerance in a lime mud that exceeds 350 F after aging for 16 hours. Divalex polymer becomes more anionic as the pH increases and this aspect allows it encapsulate the clay particle and de-flocculate the system. Encapsulation protects the clay particle and prevents degradation from radical hydroxyl ions.

Consequently, Divalex is an excellent lime mud thinner with continued efficiency if salt is included in the system. Divalex polymer is also chrome free and completely environmental safe. Coupled with its innate performance characteristics, Divalex provides a valuable component for a water base system that can be used anywhere on the Louisiana-Texas gulf, including deep water with gas hydrates.

Divalex is packaged in 50-pound multi-walled paper bags.