Shale Stabilizer

Ultra-Shale Seal is used as a stabilizing treatment for shale’s and is an effective way of sealing pore-throats and micro-fractures. This makes for an excellent hole conditioner when such problems are anticipated.

Ultra-Shale Seal Advantages:

? Helps maintain hole integrity
? Helps seal formation face, pore throats and micro-fractures
? Forms a thin, tough filter cake

Typical Physical Properties:

Appearance/Odor : Fine black/gray powder/mild sulfur
Bulk Density : 50 # per cubic ft.
Solubility : > 70% in water

Suggested Treatment and Packaging:

Ultra-Shale Seal has a recommended treatment of 4 to 6 ppb.

Ultra-Shale Seal is available in 50-pound sacks, 50 per pallet, shrink wrapped.
Ultra-Shale Seal