Ultra Super-Sweep


Advanced Hole Cleaning “Made Simple”

Ultra Super-Sweep  is a unique synthetic monofilament that increases the lifting and carrying capacity of fluids, without increasing viscosity.

Ultra Super-Sweep increases the force applied by the fluid onto the surface of the cuttings to provide lift. The fibers intertwine to trap and suspend the cuttings, preventing them from channeling back through the fluid column.

For normal hole cleaning, simply mix 1 box (15 lbs.) of Ultra Super-Sweep in 60 to 120 bbls. of mud in your slugging pit, and circulate while continuing normal operations. The Ultra Super-Sweep pill, along with the cuttings are then screened out and removed from the active system by the shale shakers.

The Ultra Super-Sweep Advantage

*         Most cost effective sweep available

*         Improves cuttings removal in all fluids

*         Does not increase viscosity

*         Removes metal fragments while milling

*         Efficiently drill gravel beds

*         Reduces watering back high viscosity sweeps

*         Suspends solids to prevent fill on trips

*         Reduces channeling in vertical and horizontal wells.

*         Chemically compatible with all fluids

*         LC50 value (1million)

*         Temperature stable to 300 degrees F.

*         Compatible with most downhole tools.


 Ultra Super-Sweep

Advanced Hole Cleaning Agent

Ultra Super-Sweep  is a specially processed 100% virgin synthetic monofilament fiber that mechanically increases the lifting, carrying, and suspension characteristics of fluids without affecting viscosity.


Ultra Super-Sweep increases the force applied to the cuttings to provide lift. The intertwined fibers trap and suspend cuttings, sand, and silt, to prevent settling throughout the fluid column.  Ultra Super-Sweep prevents channeling in both vertical and horizontal well sections, and prevents fill during trips.



White "hairlike" fiber

Specific Gravity

1.0 in treated form



Softening Point

315 degrees F.


All water, oil, and synthetic based fluids


Normal concentrations when circulating through:

Drilpipe, tubing, and bits             1/10th to 1 P.P.B., circulated in pill form.

MWD Tools and Mud Motors                1/10 to 1/8ths P.P.B. circulated in pill form.

Circulating through the riser                   Up To 1 P.P.B. circulated in pill form.

Pill Volume:    30 to 60 bbls of fluid should be used to maximize effectiveness.

Milling Operations Pills should be used during milling operations


ULTRA Super-Sweep Advantage

·         Extremely effective when used during milling operations

·         Removes sand, silt, and cuttings in all water, oil, and synthetic based fluids

·         Reduces channeling in vertical and horizontal wells..

·         Suspends solids to prevent fill on trips.

·         Eliminates costly watering back high viscosity sweeps.

·         Quick, easy, and cost effective

·         Environmentally safe = LC50  value of 1,000,000 (1 million). = Does not sheen.

·         Temperature stable to 300 degrees F.


Downhole Tools and Mud Motors -

ULTRA Super-Sweep Fiber has been used successfully with downhole tools and mud motors in horizontal drilling operations. Concentrations of 1/10 th. to 1/4 P.P.B. should not be exceeded. If additional hole cleaning is needed, larger volume pills should be used.






Do not mix with Lost Circulation Materials. (Bridging Agents) Unless open ended

Temperature Stable in Bottom Hole Temperatures up to 300 degrees F.



Mud Motors and MWD Tools:

            Concentrations should not exceed 1/10th. to 1/4th P.P.B. 



Inert and non-toxic



Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment, and observe the precautions described in the Material Safety Data Sheet.



ULTRA Super-Sweep  is packaged in 15-lb easy open boxes

24 boxes per shrink-wrapped pallet.



Store in a dry location

Keep boxes away from sources of heat or ignition.

Unlimited shelf life.

Ultra Super-Sweep