Co-Poly Beads

Ultra-Slide is virtually a non-abrasive material designed to reduce torque and drag, with minimal to no damage to equipment. This makes for an excellent friction reducer when running casing or logging tools to ensure smoother operations.

Ultra-Slide by nature is an inert material that can be placed as a pill or added directly to the drilling fluids without compatibility problems with other chemicals. It should be spotted downhole or added to the drilling fluids before running tools and/or casing in suspected tight areas.

Ultra-Slide has been successfully used in situations where drill pipe has been stuck or has encountered heavy torque and drag. A high concentration of poly-beads mixed into a pill or slurry in most cases will help give enough movement to free up tools or pipe.

Ultra-Slide Advantages:

Fluid Compatible
Excellent Lubricant
Inert Material
Environmentally Safe

Suggested Treatment and Packaging:

Ultra-Slide has a recommended treatment of 5 to 8 ppb when used in a drilling fluid application. Pill preparation for running logging tools or casing string is 20 to 30 ppb.

Ultra-Slide Available in 50-pound bags, 50 bags per pallet, shrink-wrapped.