Thixotropic Viscosifier

General Description:
Ultra-Thix is a suspension of a high molecular weight, high purity biopolymer in a water soluble carrier fluid. The physical appearance is an off white, viscous liquid.

Recommended Uses:
Ultra-Thix L is added to brines to provide thixotropic, non-Newtonian properties to the resultant fluid.
Ultra-Thix is used to prepare weighted spacer systems for use in mud and cement displacement.
Ultra-Thix is ideal for use in preparing and maintaining brine based, polymer drilling fluids.

Major Advantages:
Ultra-Thix develops good low shear rate viscosity, which imparts excellent suspension and transport properties to the treated brine.
Ultra-Thix is chemically treated to enhance its use in a variety of brines, including formates.

Recommended Treatment:
In most applications Ultra-Thix is used at an application rate of one 5 gallon container per 5 barrels of treated brine.

Safety and Handling:
Avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid inhalation or ingestion. If exposed, wash skin with soap and water, flush eyes with water and seek medical assistance. If ingested, seek medical assistance. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reusing. Have adequate ventilation or use proper respirator. Wear protective face shield.
Dispose of according to applicable regulations.
Consult MSDS prior to use

Ultra-Thix is available in 5 gallon plastic containers.

Availability and Pricing:
Ultra-Thix can be purchased from any Shellco International stock point or from the main Shellco Plant in Houston, Texas. Standard pricing is for 5 gallon containers.