Liquid Viscosifier

General Description:

Shellco-VIS 50 is a formulated liquid polymer suspension. The appearance is off white and viscous.
The active component in Shellco-VIS 50 is a modified hydroxyethyl cellulose. All components of this product are completely soluble in all oil field brines, sea water, and fresh water.

Recommended Uses:
Shellco-VIS 50 is used to viscosify oil field brines.

Major Advantages:
Shellco-VIS 50 is compatible with virtually all types of oil field brines across the entire density range.
Shellco-VIS 50 is totally soluble in all brines and is completely acid soluble.
Shellco-VIS 50 develops viscosity in all brines within 30 minutes of addition, at the surface, and requires no special mixing equipment or filtration prior to use.
Shellco-VIS 50 is non-damaging to the formation and is compatible with all Shellco additives as well as most other oil field chemicals.
Shellco-VIS 50 is stable up to 230 deg F and higher with the addition of Shellco-STABILIZER 50.

Recommended Treatment:
Shellco-VIS 50 application varies depending on the viscosity required for a particular operation and the type and density of the brine. In general, the treatment rate for Shellco-VIS 50 will range from one to five 5 gal container per 10 barrels of treated brine.

Safety and Handling:
Avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid inhalation or ingestion. If exposed, wash skin with soap and water, flush eyes with water and seek medical assistance. If ingested, seek medical assistance. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reusing. Have adequate ventilation or use proper respirator. Wear protective face shield.
Dispose of according to applicable regulations.
Consult MSDS prior to use

Shellco-VIS 50 is available in five gallon plastic containers.

Availability and Pricing:
Shellco-VIS 50 can be purchased from any Shellco International stock point or from the main Shellco Plant in Houston, Texas. Standard pricing is for 5 gallon containers.
Shellco-VIS 50