Shellco-Stop XL


General Description:
Shellco-Stop XL is a polymer-based liquid used to temporarily plug perforations or screens to eliminate fluid loss to the formation during critical well working operations. Shellco-Stop XL is a brine soluble, derivatized cellulose polymer which develops extremely high viscosity down hole. The fluid loss control plug is removed by contact with mild acid when the need for fluid loss control is no longer required.

Recommended Uses:
Shellco-Stop XL is used as a solids free, fluid loss control pill in all standard oil field brines.

Major Advantages:
Shellco-Stop XL develops extremely high viscosity during placement down hole for maximum fluid loss control. The extreme viscosity of Shellco-Stop XL can be reversed by contact with a mild acid soak.

Recommended Treatment:
For most applications, a 10 to 15 barrel pill prepared with Shellco-Stop XL will control fluid loss.

Safety and Handling:
Avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid inhalation or ingestion. If exposed, wash skin with soap and water, flush eyes with water and seek medical assistance. If ingested, seek medical assistance. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reusing. Have adequate ventilation or use proper respirator. Wear protective face shield.
Dispose of according to applicable regulations.
Consult MSDS prior to use.

Shellco-Stop XL is available in 5 gallon plastic containers, 55 gallon drums, and 500 gallon totes.

Availability and Pricing:
Shellco-Stop XL can be purchased from any Shellco International stock point or from the main Shellco Plant in Houston, Texas.