General Description:

Bore Wash is a clear, pale amber liquid. An all purpose surfactant cleaner for use in displacement of oil and synthetic base mud. Bore Wash is a blend of solvents and surfactants designed to loosen and remove oil and synthetic base mud residue from the well bore, casing, and tubing surfaces.

Recommended Uses:

Bore Wash is recommended for use during mud displacement procedures as an additive to the surfactant spacer.

Major Advantages:

Bore Wash is dispersible or miscible in most oil field brines and acids.
Bore Wash solvent and surfactant action dissolves contaminants such as pipe dope and oil sludge.

Recommended Treatment:
Use Bore Wash up to 20% by volume in fresh water / low-density brine. (20% is approximately four 55-gal drums in 25 barrels of treated brine).
Safety and Handling:

Avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid inhalation or ingestion. If exposed, wash skin with soap and water, flush eyes with water and seek medical assistance. If ingested, seek medical assistance. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reusing. Have adequate ventilation or use proper respirator. Wear protective face shield.
Dispose of according to applicable regulations.
Consult MSDS prior to use.


Bore Wash is available in 55 gallon drums.

Availability and Pricing:

Bore Wash can be purchased from any Shellco International stock point or from the main Shellco Plant in Houston, Texas. Standard pricing is per 55-gallon drum.
Bore Wash