General Description:

Bio-Cleanse is a clear, pale amber liquid. An all purpose surfactant cleaner for use with water as a fungi-stat and bio-stat to prevent the vegetative fungal and bacteria growth. Bio-Cleanse is a blend of natural fungi-stats, bio-stats and surfactants designed to clean surfaces and render them unsuitable for fungal and bacterial activity. This process renders treated surfaces fresh and odor free for long periods of time.

Recommended Uses:

Bio-Cleanse is recommended for use whenever fungal and biological control is desired to prevent vegetative growth and odor control.

Major Advantages:

Bio-Cleanse is non-toxic and made from GRAS (General Recognized as Safe) ingredients and surfactants. Use of Bio-Cleanse will not adversely affect water treatment systems including septic system.

Recommended Treatment:
Use Bio-Cleanse up to 3 to 5 % by volume in fresh water. Use as you would any dish wash soap.

Safety and Handling:

Avoid prolonged skin and eye contact of concentrated product. Avoid inhalation or ingestion. If exposed, wash skin with water, flush eyes with water. If ingested, seek medical assistance. Wash contaminated clothing before reusing. Have adequate ventilation or use proper respirator. Dispose of according to applicable regulations.
Consult MSDS prior to use.


Bio-Cleanse is available in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.

Availability and Pricing:

Bio-Cleanse can be purchased from any Shellco International stock point or from the main Shellco Plant in Houston, Texas. Standard pricing is per 5 gallon pails or 55-gallondrums.